Interested in Learning More About and Taking a Stand Against Chemtrails?

We will be hosting a class on the subject of GeoEngineering and Chemtrails with a focus on the effects of chemical spraying on our health, water, food, and soil.  We are currently working with other local people who are passionate and committed to getting the message out to as many people as possible.  The future class will be scheduled for the end of June and added to our Calendar of Events soon.

If you want to contribute to our efforts of educating the public, please contact us to learn how you can help out and get involved.  We are having an informal get together on Wednesday, May 30th at 5:30 pm.  The reason for this meeting is to have hair samples taken for testing of minerals and metals.  Previous hair tests have resulted in proof of an incredible increase in aluminum and manganese among other minerals and metals. The results will take about three weeks to receive.  The test results will be used for future presentations to County and State officials and also discussed in our upcoming class.

You can contact Southern Oregon Survival at 541-479-4767 or Gary Fowler at 206-552-3640 for more information.

There is a charge for the hair testing. The cost is $86.00.  We have scheduled hair samplings to be taken at the following locations and dates.

May 30 1:00    Pacifica     14615 Watergap Rd. Williams

May 30 5:30    Southern Oregon Survival     914 SW 6th St. Grants Pass     541-479-4767

May 31 1:00    Medford Armory near the front of the farmers market

> > Notes from our facilitator Amy More… > > The TEI panel offers the following elements at no additional charge: Sulfur, Antimony, Uranium, Beryllium, Zirconium, Tungsten, Titanium, Tin, Germanium, Barium, Bismuth, Rubidium, Platinum, Thallium, Vanadium, and Strontium. (in addition to 21 other minerals and metals.

> > Things to know before submitting hair for mineral analysis: > > Hair must be clean and dry. ARL recommends that the hair be recently washed but fully dry, so it should be washed between 4-24 hours before the appointment. Please refrain from using hair styling products for the appointment. (Hair will be taken from the back of the head only.)

> > Only a small amount of hair is needed to complete the test. Small pieces are taken throughout the back of the head, until about a tablespoon of hair is provided. Only the portion of the hair within 1.5″ to the scalp is used, the rest is discarded. Short hair is more difficult to take without producing bald spots, so care will be taken to cut very small portions in this case. If someone has a thinning shear, please bring this to facilitate cutting of short hair (clean please.)

> > Please mention the use of mineral containing products on the hair or in the bath, which may alter results. Some dandruff shampoos contain minerals such as Zinc, Selenium, or Sulphur. Please check your labels ahead of time. Epsom salt baths and magnesium oil products also need to be mentioned.

> > Be prepared to provide as much as possible of the following information:

> > Name, age (required,) occupation, ethnic origin, medications, and 5 predominant clinical symptoms (the form has a checklist for these.) > > You may provide your email address to receive electronic results faster.

> > > Hope this answers your questions and I look forward to working with your group! > > >

Amy I. More > > Harmony Health Works > > PO Box 154 > > Williams, OR 97544 > > 541-415-5132

For more information on Chemtrails you can watch the following:

“What in the world are they spraying?”

Danger In The Sky


About myoung

Ben and Marcy Young are the owners of Southern Oregon Survival.


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