The GeoEngineering Agenda

Fellow supporters and activists,

Barry and I with the help of many others have just completed phase one of our new film, “Why in the world are They spraying?” by finishing all of our interviews and moving closer to our expected premier and release at the Chemtrails Beyond Consciousness event in Los Angeles on August18th.

We traveled across the united stated where we had the unique opportunity to learn more about these crimes against nature and humanity.  While these programs have many different agendas, our focus in this film will uncover the weather control aspect of these damaging programs. During our travels we learned how the trails are used to control our weather, what specific technology is used in conjunction with the aerosols and how weather control is used to literally corporatize every natural system on the planet.  With the collapse of our planet’s     eco-systems around the world from geoengineering, we are now seeing the corporate solution, genetically engineered seeds to replace our natural food supply and forests around the world.   While every living thing on the planet is being poisoned, we have learned that these programs are a very effective way to consolidate an enormous amount of monetary and political power into the hands of a few.  These programs appear to be living up to a statement made by geoengineer David Keith when he stated that     “Geoengineering gives man God-like power.”

The first film,“What in the World are The Spraying?” has proven to be an effective tool as over ten million people have seen the film and many have used it for activism to educate their communities and political leaders.  As a result, we now have the start of ordinances being formed around the word to ban geoengineeing programs. Our hope is that this film will have an even greater impact.

While I believe that these programs are the biggest threat to our planet short of nuclear fallout, I also have a very optimistic approach and believe that through education and effective activism, we can and will get these programs stopped and begin to restore our fragile Earth.  As always, “Why in the World” will be available to the public for free through Youtube and other internet sites.  Because of this, we absolutely need your support to complete this film and have the greatest impact on the restoration of our planet.  Time is running short as geoegineers are now calling for planetary emergency geoengineering and are aggressively pushing legislation to make these illegal programs legal.   Again, one of the most effective ways to stop them is through the education of the public who is largely still unaware of this issue. As discussed, we feel that by establishing a motive and uncovering specific corporations that are benefiting from these crimes, our new film will have an even greater impact in moving closer to getting geoengineering stopped.

As Dane Wigington stated, “How can I look my children in the eyes and not try to shed the light on this issue knowing that every breath they take is latent with these metals?” We can-not do it alone and absolutely need your support to achieve our goals.  Additional funding is required to complete this project.  Updated information, an interview list, Pre-orders and donations can be made at:

Also, please send this out to your e-mail list to spread awareness about this most dire issue.   Thanks again for all of your support and please, keep looking up!!!!!!!!!


Michael J. Murphy
Official Trailer of “Why in The World Are They Spraying?”

About myoung

Ben and Marcy Young are the owners of Southern Oregon Survival.


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