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Was Ebola Designed as Bioterrorism Weapon and is Already Airborne? Texas Nurse Provides Terrifying Report


Written by Lorrie Agold-Rich, MSN, RN, CRRN exclusively for


Simply stated, the Ebola Virus is a bioterrorism weapon and is airborne. Those are big statements. The facts will show a unique trail and why the US Federal Government does not want you to know these frightening truths. This is not meant to panic anyone, but inform them of the facts that are being withheld from the American public.

Numerous research studies in the US, and other countries refer to the need for the research and development of vaccines because Filoviruses (strains of Ebola and Hemorrhagic viruses) are a classified as Category A bioterrorism agents. . Yet another study points to the urgency for finding vaccines and treatments due to being one of the most lethal transmissible infections with high death rates (up to 90%). The study also states the ease of global travel, potential for viral spread via the aerosol route. It also cites this is a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Category A bioterrorism threat and makes this virus a biodefense research priority.

The Filoviruses like Ebola have been of interest to the Pentagon since the late 1970s due to their high death rate and its stable nature in aerosol, which make it attractive as a bioterrorism weapon. Since the late 1970s-1980s the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Ft. Detrick, Maryland has been working and contracting out research for vaccines and treatments (Kime, Patricia, Aug. 1, 2014, DoD may send personnel to Africa to help fight Ebola epidemic,

In 2007, Tulane University was awarded a $3.8 million dollar grant to work with USAMRIID, Corgenix, and BioFactura Inc. to develop a diagnostic test kit for detection of hemorrhagic fever. The researches stated that it will fill a void in the bioterrorism defense. The need for the test kits was noted to be due to the potential bioterrorism weapons due to high fatality route and ease of transmission from person-to-person,

The US Government is so interested in Human Ebola Viruses (various strains) that they secured a patent on the viruses, various mutations, testing, treatments, and reproduction of the viruses. The US Pub No: US 2012/0251502 A1 was issued Oct. 4, 2012. The CDC is also concerned with Lassa Fever Virus from West Africa. Though less fatal than Ebola, it is much easier to transmit from very fine air droplets. This raises the increase of serious risk for health care workers in West Africa, if a patient has both viruses. Because it is the most common hemorrhagic fever, and is also a biodefense Category A. This virus and reproduction of it has a patent by The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund. Patent EP2478103A2-Lassa virus-like particles and methods of production thereof (July, 25, 2012).

USAMRIID has also proven in studies of Ebola that it quite infectious via the airborne in animals and has already crossed species from animals to different animals and then to humans in West Africa, .

ebola-cartoon-darkowSo the protection for a CDC Category A, bioterrorism agent is more stringent than just wearing gloves and not touching blood and body fluids. The CDC website changed the precautions from July to August 2014, the website stated the change was to prevent panic.

After that occurred the replacement was vague precautions that are actually incorrect and could put health care workers at increased risk.

The site suggested that Ebola “low risk” exposure is considered anyone who has casual contact with that patient per That is quite misleading as casual contact is considered to be within three feet of the infectious person.

A confirmed case of Ebola or hemorrhagic fevers requires the patient to be in a negative pressure isolation room and the caregivers must be in positive air suits (space suits) and every millimeter of their body must be completely covered. They must be decontaminated with bleach or similar decontaminate upon leaving the room. In cases of Ebola, it is known that anything that has blood or body fluids on it can be infectious for several days. The deceased patient is highly infectious. They must be double bagged and bleached.

USAMRIID recommends a purifying respirator to be worn in the enclosed space of the infectious person with six feet of that person. Collection of samples from the deceased persons or animals, soil, plants or medical equipment requires the collector to wear an M-40 gas mask and complete bioterrorist protective gear. This is found in USAMRIID’s Medical Management of Biological Handbook, 6th Ed., April, 2005.

From Nigeria, their Ebola Virus Fact Sheet list a mode of transmission as inhalation of contaminated air in the hospital environment, Australia Group Common Control List Handbook, Vol. II: Biological Weapons-Related Common Control Lists, p. 36, V13 Ebola Virus: list exposure as aerosols, inhalation, (lungs) of 5 distinct species of the Ebola Virus. The extent of how contagious (via airborne) this virus is has been known by the CDC, WHO, USAMMRIID, and the DOD.

One example is a USAMMIRIID study in 2012 which states the Ebola Virus is as contagious as Influenza A. It requires a simple droplet within 3-6 feet of another person to infect them. Also, per the CDC Influenza A can survive on surfaces including the ground for up to 72 hours and infect persons. What makes this virus so sought out for bioterrorism is due to only 1 milliliter of the blood can infect up to 500,000 people in a small area. Especially in cooler weather conditions, like flu season. For more information on this study, a great video is at (2014). The Scientific study itself can be found at: .

More proof of air transmission is found in the MSDS online. When you work in a healthcare facility or another related company, the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be made available to all employees for safety per OSHA. The site has an Infectious disease category and one on Ebola Virus. It cites previous cases of incidents of exposure in Russia in 2004 and the USA. Under the PRIMARY HAZARDS section it references respiratory exposure to infectious aerosols and droplets, and also that it must be contained in a level four facility. Very detailed descriptions of protective clothing measures including wearing a positive pressure suit or (space suit with your own air supply).

The reason the Marburg Strain of Ebola is classified as having only a 23% fatality rate was due to a lab accident that exposed numerous employees in that lab in Germany. They were able to receive immediate, proper treatment. This was stated in a Congressional Subcommittee Emergency Hearing during Recess on Aug. 7, 2014. Doctors from the aid associations working in Liberia, Sierra Leona and other countries in Africa informed the committee how bad the situation is in Africa.

A highlight was that the CDC cases are under reported by the CDC because the CDC only lists lab confirmed cases. Due to a lack of equipment in the isolation hospitals, people and their families dying in homes, literally in the streets, etc., those cases are never reported. Estimates are that under reporting is up to 50%. Also, there is only one level 4 airplane chamber known of in the world. That plane was used to transport the doctors and nurse to the USA who did survive. And the isolated co-workers….

Dr. Grover stated that if a patient is examined by a doctor and has a fever, that doctor is likely infected if they used our standard precautions of gloves and hand washing to examine a patient in the USA. He also quoted, “No matter what we do there is going to be tremendous loss of life because of the nature of the disease.” Mr. Isaacs (epidemiologist and head of Samaritan’s Purse in Africa) quoted, “We are going to see death tolls in numbers we can only imagine right now.” He also said that more doctors, nurses, and community health workers had died, and they infected unknown amounts of persons in three countries. Also, he learned that staff were infecting staff without being near the “hot zone” which would include the Doctor in another part of Africa delivering a baby to a seemingly healthy woman.

There is another threat in Africa. The CDC and WHO decided the best way to stop infection was to educate African people (in the Emergency Congressional Hearing). This led to the deaths of several aid workers by Guinean citizens in Sept of this year. Included in this group were doctors and nurses, The tribal people speak various languages and most do not read or write. They fear the healthcare workers are infecting them. So they do not seek treatment until they are near death if at all.

On April 4, 2003, President George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13295 which listed quarantinable communicable disease which include all Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers, including those not yet named. President Barack Obama revised this Executive Order on July 31, 2014 to include any severe respiratory syndromes, which includes fever, or have the capacity to cause pandemic, and capable of being transferred from person to person, .

A presumed Ebola Virus case was noted in Mexico when a patient returning from an African Country fell ill and died. He was never tested, but the Mexican Federal Health Minister that it was extremely remote that he had Ebola. Though a photo of a worker shows him in the “space suit” with an oxygen supply on his back, On August 11, 2014 a Spanish priest with Ebola was airlifted from Liberia and later died it was reported in the Wall Street Journal, and At that time Liberia and Sierra Leone began to blockade cities.

On Aug. 18, 2014 the BBC news reported that 17 suspected Ebola patients vanished from a treatment center in Liberia. On August 21, 2014 the ABC NEWS reported that the escaped Ebola patients had been found, they reported that 37 patients had escaped and all but 17 had been found, but did not report if they were found alive or not. These are conflicting reports and many links pertaining to Ebola are no longer available on the internet.  On August 21, 2014 it is reported that Liberia’s armed forces were ordered to shoot anyone crossing “illegal entry points”,

ObamaTroopsThe next day the FOX NEWS cable channel reported a person had been shot leaving a quarantine area near Sierra Leone.

Per President Barack Obama, we are sending 3,000 American troops to help in Africa along with supplies.

Back up to July 28, 2014 and AFP reporter Kerry Sheridan reported that the Deputy Director of the CDC, Stephen Monroe, was concerned about the spread like a wildfire which was currently happening in Liberia. However, the CDC only raised the air travel to that area to a level 2 notice. Not a level 1 for which includes non-essential travel.

Now, the BIG DEAL-Bioterrorism. Who is Aafia Siddiqui, , and why did ISIS what her in exchange for beheaded American James Foley? She is a Pakistan native but educated at MIT and has a doctorate in neuroscience from Brandeis University. She has been named “Lady al-Qaeda” for her facilitation of the terrorist networks funds here in the US and involvement with the 09/11/2011 attacks on the US.

She is in a amd-aafia-jpgFederal Detention Center at the former Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth, Texas. She was sentenced in 2010 to an 86 year sentence for attempted murder of two US Nationals serving in Afghanistan in a gunfight, and their Afghan police detachment in Ghazni two years earlier. She was not charged with terrorism though when detained she had plenty of terrorism plans for the US. She was carrying plans for mass casualty in the US.

Those plans include sites like the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. She also had plans of how to use Ebola virus as a weapon and instructions how to make other chemical weapons. She was reported to have large amounts of sodium cyanide. Her detailed plans were on a thumb drive and some hand written and included the casualty rates for the use of chemical, Ebola, dirty bombs and radiological agents. More plans were found include her intention of attacks on the NY City subway and the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. At that facility animals are used for developing vaccines and treatments to infectious diseases. Most recently, lots of work on various strains of Ebola. It was even reported that she contained the Ebola Virus and numerous chemical substances in gel and liquid form in sealed jars.

She is wanted by all terrorist groups. The Taliban wanted to exchange her for the Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. She is hailed as a hero in the terrorist world and there are many support websites writing of her innocence and for her to be free. Pakistan, Taliban, and al-Qaeda leaders have wanted her in exchange for numerous persons they have kidnapped since her detention. She is obviously a hero to the radical Jihad groups and they want her back.

The first reported case of Ebola from Liberia has occurred in Dallas, Texas from a Liberian National who was visiting family in the United States. He is said to have lied on his travel documents that he did not come into contact with any persons with Ebola Virus. He also had contact with up to 100 persons since his arrival to the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. Another person is now hospitalized with possible Ebola and had contact with him. Numerous persons are quarantined, including children, per Fox Cable News, Oct. 2, 2014.

On October 1, 2014 the facility where “lady al-Qaeda” is detained went on lockdown due to an unauthorized truck driving past the security gate and no other information is being released regarding the driver or the incident per the The detention center is only a few miles from the Dallas Presbyterian hospital where the Liberian man is being held.

We the people are being lied to, again. Ebola is a bioterrorism weapon. We must be alert and urge our elected officials to have a strict travel ban into the countries where it is active. Other countries have already suspended flights to many of the countries involved. Now that it is here,  all we can do is hope and pray that this man did not start a pandemic.

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