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When The Power Goes Out

Marcy Young Southern Oregon Survival April, 16, 2016 Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if the power went out? What if it was for a day or two or for a week or two…what if it was longer?  Could you fend for yourself and your family?  Could you keep yourself warm … Continue reading

EMP Effects on Vehicles

by Jerry Emanuelson, B.S.E.E. Futurescience, LLC One of the most common questions about electromagnetic pulse is about the effects of EMP on vehicles.  I have resisted writing much about this in the past because so little is known about it given the wide variety of motor vehicles in use today. First, however, because it is … Continue reading

How To Use Salt And Smoke To Cure Meat And Fish

Ever wonder how that huge, bone-in, Virginia ham can last for a year, swinging from the rafters at room temperature? The biggest reason for this impressive example of food preservation is salt. Salt draws out moisture and creates a less hospitable environment for bacteria and fungus to deteriorate our preserved foods. Another handy method of … Continue reading

Recommendations for Emergency Food Supplies

This handout was given during our food class to show what types of food to have and how much to store. Food Recommendations B.O.B. Supplies Recommended: 3 days supply of food.  Freeze dried foods are the best tasting, have a 25-year shelf life and are light weight.   MRE’s are good to have if you can’t … Continue reading

Only The Date Is Unknown

This article was written by Monty Pelerin and originally published at The US and world economies are frauds that are coming unraveled. The Greek bailout is the most recent example of “kick the can down the road” solutions. The US housing bubble was an attempt to cover up/recover from the dot-com bust. Now the US … Continue reading


I know that “booby traps” might incite images of pirates or flashbacks from “Goonies”, but it’s actually a very legitimate way to protect your homestead. While many traditional security techniques may do the job, imagine how much more menacing you can be with rigged traps set all over the perimeter of your property. I think it … Continue reading

How to Build a Simple Compost Toilet

The simplest way to construct a compost toilet is to purchase a medical toilet seat and place a 5-gallon bucket beneath the seat to collect deposits. Materials Medical toilet seat Two 5-gallon buckets One plant pot that fits inside 5-gallon bucket Subsoil Compost Red worms The simplest way to make a composting toilet for your … Continue reading


What’s Going On in Galice – The WHOLE Story… Since there’s such a huge amount of gossip, disinfo, misinfo, and conspiracy theory pertaining to the Sugar Pine Mine situation out in Galice, we, the owners of the mine, thought we’d tell you ourselves, the absolute FACTS of the case. This is the WHOLE story… The … Continue reading

Multi-Service Tactical Brevity Codes

MULTISERVICE TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES Multiservice tactical brevity codes are codes used by various military forces. The codes procedure words, a type of voice procedure, are designed to convey complex information with a few words. Click here to open the .pdf version of the Multi Service Brevity Codes

10 Easy Soil Tests

What’s the secret to raising healthy, carefree vegetables and flowers? Great soil. How can you tell if your soil has what plants need? A soil test. When you send a soil sample to a lab, you get a detailed analysis of soil nutrients and you find out about deficiencies. That’s valuable information. Now you can … Continue reading

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