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Only The Date Is Unknown

This article was written by Monty Pelerin and originally published at The US and world economies are frauds that are coming unraveled. The Greek bailout is the most recent example of “kick the can down the road” solutions. The US housing bubble was an attempt to cover up/recover from the dot-com bust. Now the US … Continue reading


What’s Going On in Galice – The WHOLE Story… Since there’s such a huge amount of gossip, disinfo, misinfo, and conspiracy theory pertaining to the Sugar Pine Mine situation out in Galice, we, the owners of the mine, thought we’d tell you ourselves, the absolute FACTS of the case. This is the WHOLE story… The … Continue reading

Was Ebola Designed as Bioterrorism Weapon and is Already Airborne? Texas Nurse Provides Terrifying Report

(BREAKING EXCLUSIVE REPORT) Written by Lorrie Agold-Rich, MSN, RN, CRRN exclusively for Simply stated, the Ebola Virus is a bioterrorism weapon and is airborne. Those are big statements. The facts will show a unique trail and why the US Federal Government does not want you to know these frightening truths. This is not meant to … Continue reading

What is Ebola? And How to Protect Yourself

Ebola is Spreading through Africa Via Public Transportation With the recent Ebola outbreak infecting American aid workers, one of whom has returned to the US for treatment, the possibility of a global epidemic of Ebola, though not likely, is possible. Scientists are tracking the deadly virus through West Africa. The use of bikes, taxis and … Continue reading

DHS insider gives final warning

By Douglas J.  Hagmann 27 December 2013: Under the cover and amid the distraction of the Christmas bustle, I had my last “official” contact with a source inside the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud” in my writings. My source is leaving his position, retiring along with numerous others choosing to leave this bureaucratic … Continue reading

Biden’s “CODEWORD” Warning – More Than Meets the Eye?

Staff Writer October 4, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Treasury has warned that the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling must be raised by Oct. 17th, to avoid a U.S. debt default. This warning has caused concerns amongst investors and citizens alike as most are unsure of their futures in this once great nation. Based on … Continue reading

More DHS insider from DC

By Douglas J.  Hagmann Northeast Intelligence Report 20 June 2013: As noted in my June 7, 2013 report titled DHS Insider: It’s about to get very ugly, the additional information provided to me that was temporarily withheld from publication is now being released. The methodical and incremental release of information was (and is) deliberate, to … Continue reading

DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly

Seriously dangerous times ahead. Deadly times. War, and censorship under the color of authority and under the pretext of national security. By Doug Hagmann Northeast Intelligence Network Washington, D.C.—Something quite unexpected happened just hours ago, in the dark of night, during a two-day layover in Washington, DC. My son and I are scheduled to take part … Continue reading

40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

By Michael,   If you know someone that actually believes that the U.S. economy is in good shape, just show them the statistics in this article.  When you step back and look at the long-term trends, it is undeniable what is happening to us.  We are in the midst of a horrifying economic decline … Continue reading

Whenever Margin Debt Goes Over 2.25% Of GDP The Stock Market Always Crashes

By Michael, What do 1929, 2000 and 2007 all have in common?  Those were all years in which we saw a dramatic spike in margin debt.  In all three instances, investors became highly leveraged in order to “take advantage” of a soaring stock market.  But of course we all know what happened each time.  … Continue reading

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