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How to Build a Simple Compost Toilet

The simplest way to construct a compost toilet is to purchase a medical toilet seat and place a 5-gallon bucket beneath the seat to collect deposits. Materials Medical toilet seat Two 5-gallon buckets One plant pot that fits inside 5-gallon bucket Subsoil Compost Red worms The simplest way to make a composting toilet for your … Continue reading

How to Wash Laundry Post-Disaster

By Daniel Valles After any disaster the need for clean clothing is always present. This tutorial is designed to show you the concepts and thoughts to have in mind when washing laundry in a not-so-normal situation. Some likely disaster or situation assumptions: Electrical power is out or very unreliable for washing appliances. Regular water supply … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Toothpaste and Other Oral Care Products

Are you tired of fluoridated toothpaste? Learn how to make your own, fluoride free toothpaste right at home! by Celin Childs Toothbrushes and toothpaste haven’t always been around. Before there was dental floss people had to rely on natural entities in order to keep their pearly whites their whitest. Today many people use alternative methods of keeping … Continue reading

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